Fatawa Razvia Software

Fatawa Rizvia


9 thoughts on “Fatawa Razvia Software”

  1. About “Fatawa Rizvia”

    Fatawa-e-Razavia Software 1.1 Updated With Some More Changes This is a very useful application that allows users to read Fatawa Rizvia 30 volumes. User can also search and copy/paste search results.

  2. Ahabe baraat mna na kaisa h jo log shabe baraat jo k gunaho se baraat wali raat h log baht se is raat ko bhi nhi maante is ka kuchh khulasa ho jis se unlogo k dil phirjai hmy jo kehte h proove do hm galat h manege to plzzz aisa proove kre k log jo hmare azeez h hm unhy pehle rah pr lai us k baad or logo ki ialah kren

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